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Free Stuff - Do you want it? Of course you do! And what kind of free stuff is better than free money?

Matthew Lesco knows all about getting free stuff, and especially free money. That's why he's written this enormous, 1100+ page long book with 15,000 government programs that will give you free money to get a better job, start a new career, get an education, or follow your dream.

Some free money ideas: did you know you can get $50,000 to open a coffee house? How about $43,000 to become a French chef? Perhaps you'd like $75,000 to renovate an old house! This is just a tiny hint of some of the free stuff this book tells you how to get. Who can turn down free money like that?

Matthew Lesko is the Author of Free Money to Change Your Life Matthew Lesko is the Author of Free Money to Change Your Life
You just ran out of excuses NOT to be happy!
(At least you won't be able to blame it on not having any money!)
has 15,000 government programs to help you follow your dreams!
$50,000 to open a coffee house
$30,000 to go to school in Hawaii
$43,000 to become a French chef
$100,000 to open a country inn
$30,000 to become a grizzly bear tagger
$70,000 to study arts management
$50,000 to edit science magazines at home
$2,000 to study storytelling
$20,000 to produce a TV show for kids
$75,000 to renovate an old house
$100,000 to start a day care center
$5,000 grant to train your employees
$60,000 to open an amusement center
$210,000 to work on your invention
$25,000 to start a consulting business
$5,000 to work with an artist
$10,000 to read poetry
$25,000 to start a messenger service
$260,000 to begin an exercise gym
$205,000 to start a car wash
$535,000 to open a motel
$67,000 to start a cleaners
$65,000 to begin a weight loss business
$60,000 to open a billiard parlor
$125,000 to begin an auto repair shop
$100,000 to found a pizza shop
$55,000 to open r="#6600cc" size="2">I Wanna New Career and Iím Over 50, p. 877
  • I Wanna New Career and Iím Disabled, p. 905
    • I Wanna New Career and Iím A Veteran, p. 931
    • I Wanna New Career and Iím An Ex-Offender, p. 957
    • Free Help To Write A Resume, p. 971
    • Job Hunt On the Internet, p. 977
    • Help In Choosing A Career, p. 999
    • How Do I Check Out A Move? p. 1007
    • How Do I Take Care of the Kids? p. 1041
    • How Do I Get Free Research Help? p. 1059
    • I Wanna Change My Name, p. 1097
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    Over 1120 pages, $37.95

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    The best way to get the most out of the 15,000 money programs described in Lesko's "Free Money To Change Your Life" is to listen to Lesko's personal tour of the Incredible Government Money Machine. No one in the country has spent more time and put in more energy to help taxpayers get the money they need to do whatever they want to do in life. If you need money for a business, a career, an education, a house or just for fun, his 6-hour audio program reveals those techniques that he has personally used to help get millions of government dollars for his Fortune 500 clients, his friends, and average citizens just like you. This is your personal college course in getting government money, and it's given by the world's greatest expert on the topic. But itís really not like a college course because this is funny and entertaining too. You canít beat it.... Donít Just Buy FishÖ Learn How To Fish For Yourself
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    If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you have 90-days to return it for a complete refund.
    . This is a personal guarantee from Matthew Lesko.

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