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Pet lovers want only the best for their animals, and Matthew Lesko is here to tell them how to get it, free!


Free Stuff For Pet Lovers was written by Matthew Lesko.Free Stuff For Pet Lovers was written by The "Guru Of Government Giveaways," Matthew Lesko. He has 25 years of experience educating everyone from Fortune 500 companies to average taxpayers about government grant programs. Two of his books have been on the New York Times Best Seller Lists. Two have received awards from the American Library Association. He has written syndicated columns for The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune and Good Housekeeping Magazine and has been a regular on TV talk shows including Larry King, The Today Show, Jay Leno's Tonight Show and Oprah.

New York Times says... "The vast reservoir of information is why Matthew Lesko is a success."

Pet Lovers spend over $20 BILLION a year on their pets. Free Stuff for Pet Lovers taps into little known services and products that will show you how much you love and care for your pet, and will do it for free.

What can you find in Free Stuff For Pet Lovers?

  • Free Pet Day Care For Emergencies
  • Pet Loss Support Hotline
  • 50% Discount on Veterinary Care
  • Free Puppy Care Video
  • 23% Off Pet Pharmaceuticals
  • Low Cost Spay and Neutering
  • Pets Delivered To Your Door For Free
  • Get A Star Named In Honor of Your Dog
  • Horse Therapy for The Handicapped
  • Free Computer Puppy Wallpaper
  • Free Pet Advice
  • Free Lost Pet Posters
  • Free Advice From A Pet Lawyer
  • Learn About New Laws That Affect Your Pet
  • Free Sick Fish Diagnosis
  • Free Help For Sick Chia Pets
  • Free 24 Hour Pet Ambulance
  • Free Software For Your Fish
  • Free Bird Cage Cleaning
  • Sick Bird Hotline
  • Free Pet Microchip Implant Identification
  • Free Help For Sea Sick Pets

  • Free Directory of Pet Friendly Hotels
  • Free Pet Coffins
  • Pet Lovers Dating Service
  • Free Animal Tattooing Info Kit
  • How TO Give Your Dog CPR
  • How To Recycle Pet Poop For Profit
  • Free Guide Dogs
  • Free Help for Aquarium Problems
  • Free Tarantulas
  • Toll Free Info On Natural Pet Foods
  • Free Advice From A Pet Shrink
  • Prozac For Pets
  • Dolphin Therapy For Emotionally Challenged Kids
  • Free Money For Dog Writers
  • How To Adopt A Circus Animal
  • Free Lizard Food
  • Free Assistance Dogs, Worth $12,000, For People With Disabilities
  • Free Pets With Grooming, Shots, Leash, Collar, Sterilization, ID Tags for Seniors
  • Free Estate Planning For Your Pet
  • Free Book On Pet Disasters
  • Free Veterinarian Services
  • Free Pet Food
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