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Grant Writing

There are thousands of grant programs available to help you achieve goals such as starting a business, furthering your education, or buying a home. Most grant programs administered by government agencies or private organizations have a detailed application process that will require the submission of a written proposal. Grant writing takes time, but it is a skill that can be learned.

The most important grant writing tip is to read the application carefully. Don’t submit a grant proposal unless you’re certain it matches the agency’s funding objectives. Don’t omit information from your application; some organizations will reject incomplete applications, while others will delay the processing of your grant.

Grant writing requires specific and detailed information. Use concrete examples in your proposal. Facts will convince reviewers that your application has potential. If you are submitting a small business grant application, include a business plan and the opinions of applicable experts such as an attorney or accountant.

Writing skills are crucial to a successful grant application. Grant writing should be succinct – don’t use complex sentences, vague language, and unnecessary jargon. Pay attention to spelling and grammar. Depending upon the size of the grant, it may be a good investment to hire a consultant to assist with your proposal. If you choose to write your own application, have two or three people proofread and edit your submission.

Presentation, while not the most important part of grant writing, can also be used to get your application noticed. Choose an easy to read font for your application and use subheadings to identify important material. Avoid long paragraphs whenever possible. Use bullets to break up lists of information. Format your application with margins that are wide enough for the reviewer to take notes. If appropriate, include visual aids such as charts and graphs to demonstrate important concepts.

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