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Grants for Artists

Most of the available grants for artists focus on people who are pursuing a professional career in a specific disciple. There are grants for sculptors, grants for painters, grants for actors, and grants for writers. Some grants are tied to additional criteria, such as sex, ethnicity, or residency in a particular geographic area. Grant recipients may also be required to prove their financial need. Always review the eligibility criteria before submitting your grant application.

Grant for artists are available in amounts that can range from less than $100 to several thousand dollars. Grants are administered by government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private foundations. Some grants have a specific application deadline, while others review proposals throughout the year.

Grants for artists are often tied to the completion of a specific project. For example, Creative Capital offers grants to artists who are completing unique projects related to the visual, film, video, performing, or digital arts. Assistance with marketing, audience development, and other project related issues is also provided to grant recipients. Upon acceptance of this grant, artists must agree to donate a portion of their proceeds to a fund that allows the organization to help other artists.

Many of the available grants for artists focus on continuing education opportunities. For example, the College Art Association provides a professional development fellowship for artists and art historians who wish to further their formal education. Also, the Artists Exploration Fund provides support for performing artists who are studying their craft in other country.

Some grants for artists can be used to support living expenses. The organizations that distribute these grants wish to allow artists to continue their creative pursuits during times of financial hardship. The Craft Emergency Relief Fund provides financial support to artists who are experiencing a career threatening emergency. In addition to a monetary stipend, recipients of these grants for artists can also receive discounted art supplies and fee waivers at participating craft shows.

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