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Grants for Women

Women who wish to further their education can apply for many different grant programs. Many people believe that assistance is only offered to outstanding students, but academic performance is often not a factor in these grants for women. Some grants are for all women, while others are specially designated for groups such as single parents, displaced homemakers, or minority women.

If you are interested in technical training programs, look for a prospective employer that will assist you in financing your education. Employers in male-dominated fields such as manufacturing sometimes provide grants for women who wish to train for a career in these areas. Most of these programs require that the recipient agree to work for the company for a specified time after completing the training program. The competitiveness of the selection process can vary.

If you wish to earn an associates or bachelors degree, there is a wealth of assistance available from various groups. Some of these grants for women are tied to specific career fields. For example, the Forté Foundation gives grants to women who want to attend business school. In addition, many grants for women use income guidelines to help determine eligibility. The Jeanette Rankin Foundation provides grants for low income women who wish to earn an associates or bachelors degree.

If you already have bachelors degree, there are grants for women who are interested in attending graduate school. For example, the American Association of University Women Educational Foundation provides about four million dollars each year in grants to female graduate students.

Once you are enrolled in school, finding affordable childcare becomes a priority. Many colleges and universities provide grants for women to assist with daycare expenses. Some campuses also provide free or low cost daycare to all students with children. The campus women’s center is the best place to find information about assistance you may be eligible to receive.

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