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Law Enforcement Grants

In recognition of their commitment to community service, law enforcement officers are eligible for a unique grant program administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Office Next Door program is designed to help eligible law enforcement officers achieve their dreams of homeownership. The program operates in a manner similar to the Teacher Next Door program.

To be eligible for these law enforcement grants, you must be a full time law enforcement officer for a municipal, country, state, or federal government. Officers employed by public or private colleges and universities are also eligible for the Officer Next Door Program. Documentation must be provided to prove that you are in good standing with your employer.

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Unlike many homeownership promotion programs, the Officer Next Door program isn’t limited to first time homebuyers. However, recipients of these law enforcement grants are not allowed to own a home at the time they receive their funding. They must also agree to live in the purchased property as their sole residence for at least three years. If you fail to fulfill the occupancy requirement of the Officer Next Door program, you will be required to repay the discounted amount.

The Officer Next Door program provides recipients with a 50 percent discount on eligible homes. This means that a law enforcement officer can purchase a $150,000 home for just $75,000. Recipients of these law enforcement grants may also choose to apply for a FHA-insured mortgage that requires a downpayment of only $100. In some cases, additional assistance may be available because of the location of the purchased property.

The purpose of the Officer Next Door program is to encourage law enforcement officers to move to selected revitalization areas. Property that can be purchased with these law enforcement grants is primarily sold over the Internet. Alternatively, you may buy your home from a government agency or a nonprofit organization that purchased the home from HUD.

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